After one of the longest winter in many years, and almost a new snow record here in Tromsø, spring has finally arrived in the Arctic! As I write this it’s my 5th anniversary – exactly five years ago I arrived, after been driving for 4 days, in arctic Norway, where I started working as a “working guest” on a farm. It was a bumpy start, but that’s another story. I definitely don’t regret my decision, and have been deeply in love with the Arctic eversince.

Back to the topic – spring finally arrived in arctic Norway! Even though polar night ended officially at 21st of January, we haven’t had any sun until the very end of March! And as it finally appeared and flooded the snowpacked landscape with light, absolutely everyone spent as much time as possible outside. Laughter and people on skis everywhere!

Spring is my favourite season. Light is always very special in arctic Norway, and especially sunlight is precious! Snowpacked mountains in the evening sun, a lonesome back country skier drawing a perfect line down the mountain side – this is the perfect time. Everything seams to be in perfect harmony, nature’s perfection. As I write this, it’s not getting dark anymore – several hours lasting sunsets transition seamlessly into equally long sunrises. Light and colours in all shapes dance over the skyes and mountains, it’s hypnotizing. And right here I feel myself so incredibly fortunate. The perfect moment, the perfect time and place.

Bernd Luff

German freelance photo- and videographer, content creator, and social media manager living in Arctic Norway.

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  1. Interesting to see how spring gives a completely new look to what I have seen so far. I think I will have to visit Arctic in all seasons. Do you also have some specific Arctic flowers ?

    1. Bernd Luff

      Yes, you definitely should! Spring and autumn are quite short, but both seasons are amazing too! In autumn blueberries, mushrooms and cloudberries are ripe, and fishing is at its best 🙂 Most mosquitos and other bloodsucking animals are gone, nature shows it’s most beautiful colors, it’s amazing! But already with October comes the first snow in the mountains and sometimes even in the lowlands. Then it’s waiting (and taking photos of northern lights!) until it’s enough snow to go skiing, first with a headlight, until the sun is finally back. And then, suddenly, it’s spring again! Alpine Arnica, Arctic White Heather, Bilberry, Bog Bilberry, Cloudberry and Creeping Azalea are typical plants here 🙂

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