Winter has come to Arctic Norway

The past years winter came in the end of October, but snow in the lowlands (the one that comes to stay) not before late in December. This year it’s different. Some snow came in October already, but during the first weekend of November it came seriously, with 40cm within only one day. Tromsø, known as the “snowhole” of northern Norway, got even more. It was quite a workout to start with – finding my car, shovel it free, clearing 600 sqm of parking space and the ramp to the main street… BUT – since the “big snowfall” we have blue skies (even though that’s boring as a photographer) and the landscape is completely changed. Everything is wonderfully white and fluffy and sparkling in the sunlight. The sunsets, right now at 2.45pm, are extremely beautiful and seem to last forever, going directly from sunrise over to sunset. The whole world seems to have slowed down a little and it’s gotten more quiet due to the snow muffling everything. The air is as cold, crisp and clean as it can be, which might be most appreciated by all the northern lights enthusiasts and growing numbers of tourists determined to see the “Aurora Borealis” live.

For everyone else winter opens a whole new world of activities and experiences. From dog- and reindeersledding to snow-kiting, cross-country and backcountry skiing and thousands more. For me, personally, it means that life is starting to slow down, less noise and stress, more cozy. Just yesterday temperatures dropped down to -23°C, which means it’s not particularly tempting to stay outdoors for very long, unless being very active to stay warm. Sunrise is about 9am and sunset about 3pm now and days are getting shorter by about 15 minutes every day. Also you’ll often see headlights in the mountains from late-hour backcountry skiers – it’s the time for coziness, coffee and cookies, friends and relaxation due to the cold and darkness. Which doesn’t make the polar night worse compared to the midnight sun, it’s just a totally different vibe. It’s the contrasts that makes northern Norway so very special and exiting! Light is very special and turns out in amazing colours during winter, even when the sun doesn’t rise over the horizon anymore. Follow my new winter series and I’ll show you what I mean!

Bernd Luff

German freelance photo- and videographer, content creator, and social media manager living in Arctic Norway.

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  1. Siena Gaspar

    Very nice photos and it is helpful that you share your experiences about Norway.

    1. Bernd Luff

      Thank you Siena, I’m glad you like it and find it useful! Stay tuned for more 🙂

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Arctic winter has come