7 nights in Gdansk, but what to do?!

Since WIZZ Air started with super cheap direct flights from several northern Norwegian citys to Gdansk, we took a spontaneous holiday to explore this beautiful old city. Even though it’s late in October already, it was actually pretty warm. About +18 C every day, perfect t-shirt conditions. Gdansk has a lot of history, an amazing old town and waaaaay too good food to offer. Just to give you an idea – I gained 3kg within this one week. There are so many small, cozy cafes and restaurants and the cakes and Pierogi (dumplings) don’t just look amazing, they are absolutely delicious! So – zero-diet now for the next weeks… but yes, it was definitely worth it.

What does it cost

Accommodation and food are affordable, especially if your not directly in the old town of Gdansk. We paid 560€ for 7 nights, including breakfast. The hotel, Grand Number One, is right at the edge of the old town. While breakfast was okay and the hotel clean and modern, it wasn’t all too good. Wireless internet in our room was really bad, the restaurant and Spa area often overcrowded and noisy. If you time it right you can be ahead of the rush though. Our room was spacious, clean and with separate living- and bedroom. For our daily dose of Pierogi, together with something to drink and a delicious dessert we paid between 18 – 28€, depending on the standard of the restaurant. Coffee and cake for 2 sums up at around 10€. Again – in the expensive, super cozy cafes inside the old town. You can get along much cheaper in terms of food by cooking yourself if you rent an appartement or leaving old town (and/or Sopot).

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Where to go

Since we stayed for a whole week, we went to all the typical tourist spots you will find all over the internet. Most of them weren’t worth the fuss and they are often overcrowded. The Amber Sky, the Ferris wheel in old town, is rather expensive (about 6€ p. p.), but worth it. You get a nice view over the old town and can relax and enjoy for about 12 minutes. The amber museum, located in the Golden Gate, is as well worth a visit. Other than that we found it most interesting to just explore. You can do so easily by foot, or rent an electric scooter or a bike. More information on this can be found here – https://exploregdansk.info/transportation/car-motorbike-and-scooter-sharing-in-gdansk/

If you are done exploring the old city, Sopot is a nice small city just a 20 minute train ride from Gdansk. Tickets cost around 2€ each way. Sopot has some nice restaurants (again! Too much food!) and is especially popular during the summer season, because of the beautiful, long beach and it’s long, wooden pier.

Another Place you actually shouldn’t miss out on is Malbork Castle. It’s the worlds largest castle and has a rich history. You’ll get an audio guide for 1,90€ which is quite amazing. It works with GPS, guides you through the castle and explains you what you see right where you are. With fancy sound effects, they really put some effort into this! On mondays you only pay for the audio guide, all other days you have to pay for the entrance. Prices depend on the season, more information here: http://www.zamek.malbork.pl/en

This trip should actually end into my very first vlog, but back home when I checked my harddrive where everything was backed up – it was all gone! The whole trip – about 3000 photographs and 6 hours of film – all gone, pluss some more footage from the week before. I spent days trying to recover the files, but with very little success. Next time 2 harddrives *mental note*. Or was it a sign that I just shouldn’t start vlogging? I’ll give it one more try at least, but instead of a travel-foodie-vlog it will, like most of my content, show you northern Norwegian nature. Autumn is more or less over, leaves have fallen and it’s cold, wet and dark now. Everyone and everything is just waiting for the snow to come to light up and cover the last traces of autumn.

Bernd Luff

German freelance photo- and videographer, content creator, and social media manager living in Arctic Norway.

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